Open an Account in Europe

With UPTION's brand new feature, it's easy to open an account in Europe. Moreover, it is free.

UPTION allocates a valid IBAN in the European region (in the entire SEPA region) to its customers who are Citizens of the Republic of Turkey. With this account, money transfers can be made easily and quickly with bank accounts in Europe.
Especially for people who find it difficult to bring their income to Turkey in Europe, this new feature of Uption, which is an advantage for those who want to manage their business completely digitally, provides great convenience.
To have a European Account, all you have to do is press the “Open Account in Europe” button from the UPTION app “Home” or from the “My Accounts” menu and submit the application. Your application will be evaluated shortly and you will be informed about its outcome.

Why is it advantageous to open an account in Europe with Uption?

Turkish citizens can easily open an account without getting bogged down in procedures, there is no need to go to countries that require a login permit or an application in person to open an account, the balance on the European account can be used in Turkey.

How is charging?

No account opening fees,
1 EUR per transaction when money arrives in your account,
If the transaction is cancelled/returned, a fee of EUR 4 per transaction will be charged.

How to Send Money from Europe to UPTION Europe Account?

Receiving payments from Europe is now very easy with UPTION. You can also open your European Account right away and receive payments with a transaction fee of only 1 Euro.
Sen de hemen Avrupa Hesabını aç, sadece 3 EUR / 3 GBP işlem ücreti ile ödemelerini al.
To learn how to receive payments from Europe click here.