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Dec 1, 2022
Hesabınızdan Sınırları Kaldırın - Reklam Filmi
What are the features that distinguish Uption from other applications?
What is UPTION?
How can I become an UPTION customer?
How do I download the UPTION app?
What are the requirements you need to have to become an UPTION customer?
How can I start using Uption?
How will I be notified when there is an incoming/outgoing money transfer to my account?
I have opened my UPTION account, how can I make a deposit?
How many accounts can I open through the UPTION app?
I don't remember my UPTION password, what should I do?
In which languages can I use the UPTION app?
My UPTION password has been lost, what should I do?
My mobile phone or email address has changed, what should I do?
What are the opening hours of UPTION?
When will the money I send arrive?
Can I send money to my bank account?
Can I send money by just giving the recipient name?
Does the person to whom I send money need to have an Uption?
In what currencies can I send money?
Which banks can I transfer money to a 24/7 account in USD and EUR to which banks in my country?
What is my trading limit on Uption?
How can I reach UPT Service Points?
What actions can I do with the UPTION application?
Where can I view the actions I have performed?
How can I find out the exchange rate?
Where can I inquire about the status of my transaction?
What is an UPTION Card?
What is an UPTION Virtual Card?
Can I get an UPTION Card without being a member?
Where can I use my UPTION card?
Where can I get my UPTION card?
Can I change the account that my UPTION CARD is connected to later?
Can my UPTION Card be different from the account to which my virtual card is connected?
Can I get more than one virtual card?
Can I get more than one UPTION card?
Is UPTION Card chargeable?
Is UPTION Virtual Card chargeable?
Is there a card usage fee or fee?
Is there a maximum spending limit for UPTION Card?
When is the UPTION Card delivered to whom?
Can I set a different spending limit for my virtual card than my UPTION card?
Can I spend in different currencies with my UPTION Card?
Can I cancel a transaction via UPTION?
How much do you charge for my transactions?
When will the money I deposited go into my account?
How can I contact you when I have a problem with the application or want to forward my request and/or suggestions?