Available worldwide, can be linked to TL, USD or EUR accounts and is requested
time changeable prepaid contactless card.

Spend safely at home, abroad, on the internet and anywhere.
Controlled use of the card can be achieved by spending up to the limit that can be determined specifically for the card.
Whether you create your virtual card right now, spend it easy online, or request an UPTION Card, it will come to your door.
All ATMs are at your disposal. Whether you deposit money into your UPTION account or withdraw money.
Connect your card to your desired account (TL, USD, EUR) and spend it with pleasure all over the world.
Uploading money to Uption is becoming easier, so it is also easier to transfer money abroad. By loading money from all ATMs, it can instantly transfer money abroad.
How can I get an UPTION card?

The only thing you need to do to become an UPTION Card holder is to apply from the “My Cards” menu!
After submitting your request, the card will be delivered to the address by courier.

If you do not want to wait for the courier without submitting any application From UPT branches Take the UPTION card and,
You can start using it by defining it from within the application.

If you also want UPTION Card From D&R stores, CarrefourSA stores, dr.com.trthe, idefix.com'dan or carrefoursa.comYou can also buy it from,
You can use it immediately by identifying it from within the application.

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