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As we have recently hit the anniversary of the Pandemic, all of us have witnessed businesses shuttering, shrinking, and suffering. However, in every crisis lies an opportunity. We, as businesses, had a chance to test ourselves and invest more in innovative approaches. As UPT is constantly increasing its partnerships, hand in hand, we increase the number of customers and possible ways of global money transfers and value-added services. In addition to traditional cash-2-cash transfers, UPT offers deposits to bank accounts, cards, wallets and international airtime top-ups. Our main strategy is to maximize the number of countries and services we can offer to our clients and partners. UPT aims to provide its services in the highest standards, secure, fast and reachable way for clients. UPT supports the World Bank’s migration-related Sustainable Development Goal.

Regarding this strategy; UPT has launched a mobile app: UPTION. UPTION offers international and domestic remittance (send and receive), virtual multi-currency IBANs and QR payments. UPTION clients enjoy e-KYC and onboarding and managing their financial needs via their mobile phones.

UPT provides international top-ups with Dtone as a new service to its clients. The significance of this service is that it is the first international top-up service in Turkey. UPT’s clients may directly top-up the phone numbers of their relatives and loved ones. The demand is expected to be high, and UPT is proud to contribute to both clients and the Turkish economy by offering new value-added services.

UPT has established the technical infrastructure for the exclusive partnership among Post Offices. The first service had been launched between Azerpost (Azerbaijani Post Office) and PTT (Turkish Post Office). Money transfers initiated from PTT will be available for payment in Azerpost offices only and vice versa. Post Offices’ customers will be able to enjoy the safe and secure remittance service in a wide network with fair commissions and customer support. With the new partnership, the integration of post offices allows both Azerpost and PTT to ensure a smooth Customer experience with meaningful cooperation. UPT is proud to play a significant role in the integration of post offices and yet eager to add new post Office channels to widen the hub.

With the latest addition of Kyrgyzstan, UPT has reached a total of 10 countries in which the UPT infrastructure is directly operated. Bank Bai Tushum and UPT have signed the deal and are official partners now. Numerous Banks and MTOs in 10 countries initiate remittances via the UPT interface, and it is important to state that this method provides its own network. With the expanding use of the UPT interface in various countries, direct partnerships allow UPT to initiate Money transfers through direct lines and provide high-quality service with competitive prices.