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Let your money, cross the borders!

Open an UPTION account in seconds! Whether domestically or in hundreds of countries,

Hesaba Al
You can deposit money into your Uption account


Processing fee: 11.00

UPT Service Points*

İşlem Ücreti: 15.40

* Fees are the expenses charged when transactions are made at UPT branches. It may vary on our other channels

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What can you do with UPTION?

The fast and easy way to send money with UPTION, all transactions are at your fingertips!

Explore UPTION

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Become a Customer
Digital Way
Becoming an UPTION member is easy! 24/7 wherever you want completing a few steps easy and fast with the digital membership process.
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One-Click Account,
Get your IBAN
Opening an account on UPTION is easy! In seconds by switching to unlimited accounts, Can open EUR, USD and TL accounts and special to you IBAN You can take their.
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! 3
Deposit Money  
to Your Account
There are many ways to deposit money to the UPTION account!
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Send Money
Around the world with Uption To 176 countries,
so to 95% of the world's population can send money
or you can take it. even very convenient at prices.
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! 5
Open an Account
in Europe

Don't go to Europe to open an account in Europe!
Open European Account for free with UPTION,
solely ! 1 euros send and receive with transaction fee.
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Take into Your Account
Using the “Take into Your Account” feature, you can easily get your money into the UPTION account by typing the reference number of the money in your name in the application. Moreover, it is free!
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It can be used all over the world, TL, USD or EUR can be linked to their accounts, cashback on digital platforms.
You can immediately apply for a prepaid contactless card.
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What do UPTION users say?

Thousands of people around the world who use UPTION love us very much!
UPTION makes everyone laugh with the ease and speed it provides.

I am an Azerbaijani working in Turkey. I send my money to my parents with Uption and we have had no problems until this time.
Thanks UPT.
Hacer Babayeva/Azerbaijan
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The program is very successful and fast. I think it will make our lives easier. Imagine that you will be able to instantly transfer money from where you live at home to your college student child abroad.
Thanks UPT, we needed this.
Ahmet Özcan/Turkey
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“The transfer fee to Europe is very affordable. It has a simple and understandable foretaste. The range of countries that can be transferred is very wide.”
Faruk Kayaoglu/Turkey
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I often receive and send money from abroad due to my work, so UPTION has been very useful to me. Great service, I hope it will always be like this.
Erkan Aktaş/Turkey
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My family in Turkey sends my allowance with UPTION, they got rid of paying high commissions. The commissions are low, the speed is great, what's more.
Berk Özhan/Germany
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12 Million
Money Transfer
27 Billion ₺
Transaction Volume
There's a secret text here.

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