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Add to UPTION Account Earn $25!

Add to UPTION Account, Earn $25!

Those who receive the money sent in her name via Ria in December to the UPTION account earn 25TL!

Participation Criteria:

• This promotion is available from December 02 to 31.

• If the money sent to Turkey through Ria between 02 and 31 December is transferred to the UPTION account, the recipient will receive a gift of 25TL.

• Uption members between 02 and 31 December will earn an additional 25TL after the first Ria account transaction.

• 25TL will be credited to the buyer's account within 3 working days following the receipt of the money to the UPTION account. In order to do this, the buyer must have a TL Account.

• 25TL can be earned from all Ria Account transactions made during the campaign process.

• In order for the incoming money to be received into the UPTION account, the reference number transmitted by the sender must be entered from the “Receive Account” section in the UPTION application.

• UPT reserves the right to change the campaign conditions and stop the campaign.